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communique - october 2018

Prodigious Artist Anaïs de Lÿs creates “contemporary art that you can't wear” …

Her studio looks like a cross between that of an artist and an atelier de couture. Her works appropriates materials of fashion and clothing that she decomposes, reconstructs or transforms… You’ve probably seen her at the Centre Pompidou during Paris Fashion Week or outside of the Met Ball in New York wearing her predominately red painted canvas, but maybe you didn’t realise that it was a work of performance art! With these performances, Anaïs de Lÿs illustrates her revolutionary vision: “art is the new ‘mode ((( de vie )))’” as written in her deconstructed poetic style.

For her new series “UN) (DRESSED” Anaïs de Lÿs uses iconic items from well known brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Off-White as supports. She decomposes and transforms these articles of clothing to create “fusions”, as she calls her various types of assemblages often using her signature red thread. Shoes, bags and other accessories become works of sculpture. The white classic pleated skirt is one of her preferred item. Sometimes she simply frames it with minimum modifications, reminiscent of a Duchamp readymade.

The decomposition, transformation and reconstruction in her works are metaphors to her own life story. Born into an aristocratic French family that should have offered her a privileged life, instead she was ripped apart by the complexities of her family situation. Escaping the turbulence of that life she built her own since the age of 14. Anaïs is an atypical rebel and a contemporary romantic. She is a nomad and an open-minded cosmopolitan.

Anaïs de Lÿs is known for her performance art work during which she only wears her canvases. Following her performances, the canvases are placed on modified dress-forms to create sculptural installations. Her performance works detour and play with the codes of clothing with which we cover our bodies. It reconsiders clothing as protection from the elements, as a shield for our psychosexual complexes and as an exterior representation of social status. Through the physical act of wearing only her canvas, she puts herself at risk. According to the artist: “This exposure is a perfect representation of both my fragility and force. The act is at the level of the audacity required for a woman to take her place in the world today.”

In an ironic twist Anaïs de Lÿs describes her work as “contemporary art that you can’t wear”. According to the artist, “Art has often been appropriated to create fashion. I take products from the world of fashion and appropriate them for the world of art. Sometimes I even use an article of clothing inspired by the work of an artist, such as the Mondrian dress by Yves St. Laurent. I re-contextualise this Mondrian dress within art. I bring another dimension to the materiality of clothing.” She transcends it to the spirituality of art.

At only 23 years old, artist Anaïs de Lÿs was recently described as “the art world muse and the darling to the global art world elite.” She creates paintings, performances, sculptures, installations and videos. Her work has already been acquired by some of the most important international collectors such as Beth Rudin DeWoody.

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Instagram: @iamanaisdelys

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